Food for thought … after you’ve “chewed these problems over”, somehow transporting a modular building seems simple!

modular buildings, temporary buildings, portable buildings

There’s nothing fishy about transporting building modules around the country, unlike the salmon spill recounted here by the BBC… it became a large scale problem, and thereby hangs a tail, or two!

The yeast spill helped mould our thoughts on the subject, and perhaps there could have been some connection with the lager spillage… the thought’s fermenting somewhere!

There’s “fat chance” of us causing the problems caused by the load shedding of 24 TONS of lard recently, either!

We’re not set in our ways… but the powdered cement spill stopped us in our tracks.

The massive beans spill was hardest to digest, but was probably just a load of hot air, in the end.

Of course, the chicken spillage seemed a poultry amount, by comparison…

Happy travels, let’s hope we don’t encounter any of this, any road!