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Driving ambition at Portable Building Sales

Cals Car Altered

Portable Building Sales has had a record year this year, and this has been substantially developed and sustained by our bright, hard working and personable sales manager, Callum. 

Thereby hangs a "tail"...

The success of the company has meant that Callum has had the opportunity to pursue his dream, and purchase a "big cat".

No, he's not been "feline inclined" to enter any purchase negotiations with our UK zoos, and he's never been a "Cheetah", as he's known for his "fur" trading. 

The language "Lynx" is a different one, the "Lion's share" of his spare time attention has been directed closer to home - at York's Jaguar dealership!

Yes, Callum's "big cat" is a Jaguar F type S, with a three litre supercharged engine. As you can imagine, he's grinning from ear to ear, and that "Ocelot" to the roar of that lovely V6 motor!

It's been a delight to see Callum's driving ambition allow him to achieve his dream. He's worked without "paws" for long enough, so a well deserved treat for a great guy!