Do You Know What We Did For The Modular And Portable Building Association?

Did you know that the MD of Portable Building Sales Ltd, was responsible for the industry’s association changing its name.

The association was always known as the NPBA (The National Pre-fabricated Building Association) from its start in 1938. At a council meeting some years ago, Michael Ward the Managing Director of Portable Building Sales Ltd, tabled a suggestion that the name was old fashioned and didn’t reflect the modern industry it had become.

So he suggested changing the name from the NPBA, to the MPBA (The Modular and Portable Building Association) and offered to develop a new logo and website on behalf of the association. The idea was accepted, the new logo designed and a new website produced.

Today, the association is known as the MPBA, the website has been updated and improved by Jackie Magginnis who runs the association and the MPBA continues to serve its members and associate members as well as conversing with the Government over new Building Regulations.

Portable Building Sales Ltd, still have an active roll within the Modular and Portable Building Association and still support them with their very important role.