Compose yourself, Mike, as your old friend sings your praises!

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Having known Mike since we were both eleven years of age, I feel well placed to celebrate this big hearted man’s success across so many fields, including the world of music composition. 

After retirement from school headship, I help with the company website one day a week… so I’m sneaking in this accolade to my oldest friend’s accomplishments… let’s hope he lets it stay up on the website, when he reads it!  

In addition to being the MD of a dynamic and successful modular building company, Mike has an interesting and varied set of capabilities. Self taught in Italian, ex musician and entertainer around the clubs of the East Ring of Yorkshire, Mike has maintained his love of music over the years. 

Mike’s compositions have won the UK Songwriting Competition three times, and I’ve just found out about Braxi, the latest European outlet for his operatic music…

Mike is travelling to Amsterdam shortly, to witness the “Premier” release of Braxi’s newest album, Il Nostro Amore, which contains two of his songs. Tu Amore and Senza Fiato. The first of these songs is being released as a single in the summer, apparently. 

Well done Mike, a “noteworthy” individual in so many ways! is Mike’s own music website, takes you through to the Dutch theatrical duo.