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Bespoke modular building chosen instead of permanent construction

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A carefully "modulated" response is the permanent solution...

A2B Online, based in Felixstowe, are moving from their current site near Felixstowe Port to a new location at Orwell Crossing and required a new office complex on site. They had originally designed a permanent building, but the cost indications alerted them to other potential building solutions.  

The company approached us via a recommendation from Smeets Ferries who we have previously supplied a building to, and our modular building plan proved a very attractive alternative proposition.

We took the floor plan design from their original permanent building plans and applied it to a bespoke five section modular building.

The building and foundations have been constructed with the future in mind so that a second storey can be added in due course, as and when further expansion is required. 

This building features from a large open plan office, meeting room, director's office, drivers' break out room, wet rooms, toilets and it is fully DDA compliant. 

It is entirely possible to make a bespoke modular building to mirror and even further elaborate on the features within a potential permanent building design. 

If you're at this stage of company development, why not give us a call? You will be surprised at the cost advantages, and the wide variety of aesthetic possibilities, too.

Modular buildings... not merely a cheaper solution, but a very CLEVER solution.   

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