Another very busy week!

used portable buildings, modular office buildings, new portable buildings

Our installation and removal team are having another very busy week next week. They’re delivering, installing and commissioning a new 3 bay nursery from Saturday through to Tuesday, at Tottington.

This is a bespoke building, with the client having been deeply involved in the design of the nursery school building.

Overlapping this installation, we’re installing a 2 bay Clearview building at JAG UFS in Feltam, London. This building is actually being installed inside the main factory building. Delivery is at  6:30 am Tuesday morning and we will be skating the building into their factory then linking it into the current offices. It will feature three offices and a board room for the Director and his staff.

Overlapping this, we will be removing a double classroom building for Emanuel School in Battersea, London. Decommissioning of this double classroom is to happen on Wednesday, with the building to be lifted out Thursday and delivered back to Hull on Friday.

This building had to be removed w/c 16th October so we have arranged for it to be done,  despite the two buildings above being installed.

Our installation and removal teams will certainly be pleased when they’ve successfully completed such a varied set of tasks around the country!