An “eye full” near to the Eiffel?

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Callum, our office manager, recently took a romantic weekend in Paris with his beautiful and intelligent girlfriend. His dedication to the world of modular buildings is such that he still took time out to observe the French way of doing things… and we were all surprised that the only “French models” photographed for us were exclusively buildings!

 I have to say that the external support structure and top heavy design don’t make this one a stunner to my eyes, but then again, the Eiffel tower’s looks were heavily criticised when first built. Now it’s known for its graceful curves, so maybe that’s why Callum has it peeping out coyly in the background!

Anyway, we’re known for working to the design aesthetic our customers require, and our buildings have a Scandinavian cool entirely different from the “everything on show” of the famous Paris Pompedou Centre.