ABP Food Group take one of our “bread and butter” cabins

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“Lettuce” begin by saying that when a major food company purchases a cabin, the opportunities for blogging puns are endless, it’s a “maize” to navigate, as we wouldn’t want anybody “scoffing” at our jokes. Anyway, all in good “thyme”…

With a “steak” in the future success of this company, it’d be better to “chew it over” before “making a meal” of the blog… even though some wouldn’t “give a sausage”.

We know that our previous excellent service and earlier buildings have “whet the appetite” for ABP, as they’re one of our many repeat customers. They are, in fact, “cereal” purchasers,  “on a roll” with us.

I’ll “wrap” up with a “rye” smile about “milking it”… hope the puns don’t “grate”, though there’s probably more than a “grain” of truth in that!