A speedy build for those Santa Pod speed merchants!

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The team down at Santa Pod were mightily impressed with the new Thermowood portable building which we supplied them with in April.

When they required a further new building at very, very short notice… well there was of course no one else to look to but Portable Building Sales, once again.

Their latest requirements were for a 16’ x 9’ cabin to be delivered absolutely as soon as possible, so as to be ready for the imminent  race day.

This next building may have been a slight downsize on the 20’ x 9’ cabin they ordered first time around, but we still manufactured and delivered this building to their site from a standing start, in two weeks flat!

This may not be quite as fast as the super cars go down the strip at Santa Pod, but as far a new cabin build and installation goes, this was an amazing record time.

Despite our record construction, delivery and installation time, our overriding priority is always long term customer satisfaction and the overall quality of our buildings.

We’re very pleased to relate that once again the Santa Pod management were delighted with their new building, and also with how very quickly we managed to get it to them!