Multiple cabins delivered recently, as a taster of what we provide

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We seem to have hit upon a real foodie themed cabin sales period recently.

The Wise Herb company asked for a cabin kitchen facility to be installed right inside their factory.

As you can see, it was snowing at the time, but as the main photo illustrates it was no problem for us.

Moving swiftly on, we have just delivered another 20′ x 10′ cabin to Glanbia Cheese, the leading mozzarella cheese manufacturing company in Europe and we were pleased to offer our usual excellent service.

Additionally, in this blog we’ll mention another couple of recently delivered cabins. One has been installed within 5 weeks of initial order, eliciting this response:

“A quick email to show you my new cabin in situ. I’m really pleased with it … thank you for getting to me quickly. It’s a fabulous cabin… thank you again”

Jeff and Sunny Cornock

A further cabin delivery was to Beech House in Ripon. Again, we delivered this building very quickly, as required, within a mere three weeks of the initial enquiry.

This delivery prompted another lovely testimonial from another satisfied customer:

“Exceptional service and care from the first call to delivery. I would not hesitate in recommending Portable Building Sales for their care and build quality”.

Eleonor Wade, business owner.


We also supply and manufacture much bigger buildings, such as a recently delivered 54 bay modular building. We are happy to answer your call promptly and efficiently, whatever your requirements.

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