A Christmas Dilemma

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Well, it’s nearly that time of year again. The company Christmas Party!!!!!

As a caring company, we always provide our staff with a completely free night out including food, booze and taxi’s to show our appreciation for their efforts during the year. For the last two years we have gone to a large local Hotel, that has a marquee which provides a meal, a bar and entertainment.

This year we decided that this form of a Christmas party is a bit on mass, having to queue up to be served your food, crowded six deep bars and in last years case a Freddie Mercury tribute act that my grandson could have performed better.

So this year, we have booked a small cafe bar / tapas restuarant to ourselves and will be mainly providing our own entertainment. It’s amazing how many people have a hidden talent.

So free all night tapas, a free bar, free taxi’s and up to now the following entertainment;

1: Employed pianist and singer.

2: The fabulous Mike Ashley (MD) perfoming the worst songs from his guitar / vocal act last performed in the working mens clubs 35 years ago.

3: Watt’s Next (Stuart Watts accountant) performing a specially written stand up comic act.

4: Two’s company (Steve and Phil, site installation team) guitar vocal set performing the hits of Oasis.

5: First time ever, the company annual awards ceremony (with a twist)

We are still awaiting further volunteers from our staff, but are looking forward to what should be a personal, company bonding and humerous night.