An Intrinsically Green Business

Portable Building Sales is an intrinsically green business – we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, and take steps to minimise waste and reduce our carbon footprint (and those of our clients) in every aspect of our operations.

Our manufacturing process

All our new portable and modular buildings are created quickly and efficiently in strict factory conditions, using environmentally friendly materials wherever possible, and advanced, efficient machinery that keeps waste to an absolute minimum.

Typically, it takes 67% less energy for us to create a new modular building than it takes to build a traditional structure of the same size.

Installation and assembly

All our portable buildings are supplied to your site pre-assembled, helping to minimise the number of site deliveries. This reduces road miles and vehicle emissions.

Whilst modular buildings are assembled on site, our streamlined processes mean that we only use around 10% of the vehicle movements of traditional builds. The assembly process is much quicker (weeks rather than months or years), further reducing the environmental impact of the workforce on site.

Lifetime environmental savings

Modern portable buildings and modular buildings provide significant environmental benefits throughout their lifespan. Manufactured using advanced, environmentally friendly, non-ozone depleting insulation, they are more energy-efficient and easier to heat than the vast majority of traditional structures.

If properly maintained and used correctly, portable buildings have a lifespan of several decades, and modular buildings can last 50 years or more.

Refurbish, reuse, and recycle

There is a strong market for both used portable buildings and used modular buildings, and they can be easily refinished and refurbished.

The Government recognises that used modular buildings are extremely environmentally friendly, as they only use around 3% of the energy required to manufacture an equivalent new building. This is because the embodied energy within the fabric of the building is transportable.

In addition, the vast majority of materials used during the construction process can be reused or recycled at the end of a building’s life, keeping wastage and materials sent to landfill to an absolute minimum.

Further information

For additional information on our environmental policy, and how portable and modular buildings can help your organisation to reduce its environmental impact and improve its green credentials, contact us today.

Call us on 01482 656590 or Enquire Now

Call us on 01482 656590 or Enquire Now

Why Choose Us

  • We provide a friendly and professional service
  • We provide both new and used quality products at value for money prices
  • We will design your building free of charge and provide all drawings required for planning
  • Our new buildings are aesthetically superior and cost effective
  • We can supply all of our buildings for hire or purchase
  • We project manage all of our building installations
  • All buildings are guaranteed
  • We buy our own buildings back
  • We have an excellent track record and an enviable Health & Safety record.