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The Building Regulations Explained

Portable Building Sales supply both new manufactured portable buildings and quality used modular buildings that can comply with the current 2010 Part L2 Building Regulations.

View the 2010 Part L Building Regulations flow chart.

Building regulations

The Modular & Portable Building Industry is required under the revised Building Regulations 2010 to carry out carbon calculations and provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for all buildings which must be lodged with the Landmark registration body and are policed by Local Building Control.

Modular Buildings under 50m2 are exempt from the 2010 Part L Building Regulations.

Modular Buildings over 50m2 have been reclassified as permanent buildings, as in the 2010 Part L Guide, it states that a temporary building is defined as a building that is used on a single site for a period of less than 2 years and then destroyed.

The new 2010 Part L Building regulations state that as from October 1st 2010 all new manufactured buildings must be 25% more energy efficient than the requirements of the 2006 Building Regulations.

All used modular buildings as from October 1st 2010, must be inspected by an accredited qualified assessor to determine the "U" values of the building, then these values are entered into an "Sbem" calculator together with the details of the specification of the building, the various zoned areas and an anticipated orientation of the building on its intended new location and in certain instances, an on-site air test.

The only exception is, if a modular building over 50m2 in size is sold on a "shell and core development" basis, then the responsibility of the building's compliance with the 2010 Part L Building Regulations, is that of the new owners of the building.

If you have question or doubts about what is required for compliance with these regulations, then please call our office on 01482 656590 and we will happily explain.

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